El Grito - TX

  • Mexican Lager
  • Four Corners Brewing Company

  • Con un sabor bien suave y la calidad super deluxe, this lager is a celebration of old-skool and new-skool traditions. The intent is a crisp, clean beer that takes us back to the chelas clasicas that we were all raised on. What’s new is the quality and balance that makes our handcrafted brews so special. A classic blend of Pilsner malt and flaked corn provide a light, earthy body to the brew. The addition of Mt. Hood hops and Huell Melon hops provide a mild 20 IBU of melon-citrus character. The result is a super-sabroso, super-suave, Tex-Mexican lager with a chill-out factor at 4.4% ABV. ¡Ahora si, échale grito!
  • ABV: 4.4%, IBU: 20